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  4. How do you make peace with the fact that we have a lot less control than we thought we had?

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  8. "And You Claim You’re Not Privileged"

    I don’t want to have to walk to my car
    with my keys clenched between two fingers
    because it’s illegal to carry a knife.

    I shouldn’t have to check under my car
    when I get off work after sunset
    and accessorize with a can of mace
    and brass knuckles shaped like a little cat,
    but at least I’ll look cute when I’m fending him off.

    I’m sick of hearing “But she was asking for it,
    going out dressed like that.”
    Because first of all, nobody’s asking for that.
    Nobody’s asking for the trauma and the guilty feeling
    that it may have been her fault
    that her dignity was torn away like her skirt.
    And second of all, by that logic,
    your face is asking for me to bury my fist in it.

    When it comes to dating, a man’s greatest fear
    is meeting someone overweight or with leg hair.
    Women fear meeting a psychopath.

    We need to talk about how a dedicated woman
    is a “try-hard” who’s doing it for attention;
    because why would women like comics or sports
    unless it’s for the sake of a man’s second glance.
    And if she doesn’t like them, and just wants to wear
    that Iron Man shirt because it looks cool, she’s a fake.

    They think that if she can’t name all nine albums
    and the birthday of every member and their mother,
    she doesn’t really like Metallica, she just wants
    people to think she’s “cool.”

    I’m done with being told my anger is cute
    while an cross old man “gets stuff done.”
    I’m bossy and annoying, he’s assertive and a leader.
    It’s why only 4.6 percent of Fortune 500 CEOs
    and only one fifth of senators are women.

    Why is it necessary for me to cross my ankles
    and cover my shoulders and my legs
    like they’re repulsive and vulgar
    while men can flaunt their pot-bellies
    and chest hair?

    Call me a feminazi, call me anything you want,
    but that won’t change the 22 cent wage gap
    and the “cool story babe” shirts in the shop windows,
    and it won’t change that every word of this is true

    And finally, if men aren’t sharks who can’t resist
    a slab of exposed flesh dangled in their face,
    why have I worn less in a cage dive?

    — s.r.g. (via thfall)

  9. Today my US History teacher farted during the lecture and everyone was ok with it.

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